FingerTec TA300 Fingerprint System with Software Attandance
Product Features

High Storage Capacity: up to 500 fingerprint templates and 30,000 transaction logs
5-Hour Internal Battery included (unplug between uses for extended life)
USB Cable for easy data upload to your PC
Fingeprint (Less then 1 second) or Password Punch-In methods

TCMS V2 SOFTWARE (Included in Price):

Supports up to 999 terminals over IP network
Windows-based, facilitating easy installation and launching
Setup Work Codes to collect hours worked on multiple Jobs/Projects
Supports rotating duty rosters and up to 3 shifts per day
Weekly, daily, flex, open schedules and overnight shift based company’s preferences
Simplify Rostering Process with Calendar-Based Duty Roster
Real Time powerful reporting function
Data export to CSV, TXT, XLS, or Payroll Provider’s Application
Database Management including Archive, Backup and Restore functions
Download Users, Templates and Logs with Only One Click

*Price excluded Installation

Another Model:
-FingerTec AC 100 RM1788
-FingerTec TA 904 RM1888
-FingerTec R2 R2c RM2888

REIMY 012-6727650