Asus Square Adapter 19V 4.74A (5.5*2.5)


  • Brand : ASUS
  • Adapter : 19V 4.74A (5.5*2.5)
  • Conditions : New


Product Description

Adapter Brand :ASUS
Watt :90W
Voltage :19V
Current :4.74A
Color :BLACK
Connector Size :5.5*2.5MM
Condition :NEW
Compatible Models:K53 K53B K53BY K53E K53F K53J K53JA K53JC K53JE K53JF K53JG K53JN K53JS K53JT K53S K53SA K53SC K53SD K53SE K53SJ K53SN K53SV K53T K53TA K53U K53-3 K53E-A1 K53E-B K53E-B1 K53E-SX048X K53E-SX049X K53E-SX058V K53E-SX069V K53E-SX104V K53E-SX111V K53E-SX123V K53U K43 K43B K43BY K43E K43F K43J K43JC K43JM K43JS K43JY K43S K43SC K43SD K43SE K43SJ K43SR K43SY K43SV K43T K43TA K43U

X43 X43B X43E X43J X43S X43U X43S

A45D A45V A53 A53B A53E A53J A53S

A52J A52E A53E A55A A55D A55V A75

Product Features

Warranty : 3 Month / 6 Month
Package includes : 2Pin/3Pin Powercord

– Tips on how & where to find the right AC adapter : –                                              

* The sticker at the bottom of your laptop
* The sticker at the bottom of the battery
* The sticker at the Original Adapter


If you’re unsure of your adapter model/part 
Whatsapp us a pic of your faulty adapter or laptop model
We’ll attend to you swiftly.


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