HDD / Laptop Harddisk Converter (CADDY THICK HDD) Thick



Product Description
– Order bubblewarp in our etalase to insure the risk of damage during delivery. – Add insurance to reduce the risk of losing goods – Send a taxi please confirm it so we can condition it. =========================================================
Thick laptop dvd hdd caddy (compatible for your laptop)) Universal hdd caddy for 12.7mm cd / Dvd-rom (Hdd converter placed as your dvd-r laptop replacement) Hdd / Hard disk caddy is a simple solution to installling hard disk / Additional (second) ssd with a remlace dvd-rom slot in your notebook.
So your notebook can have 2 hard drives at once. No longer bother replacing the hdd or carrying external hdd. It ‘s easy to installl a hdd caddy, just release a dvd-rw drive, insert a hdd into a caddy, fasten the screws and insert a hdd caddy into a dvd drive. Universal compatible for all notebooks with 12.7mm dvd drive thickness. 1 month distributor warranty


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