One of the main enemies of PCDekstop is dust and of course the computer virus is also something that annoys us. Dust can affect the computer, because with dust on a PC it will cause airflow on a PC to clog, Dust is a heat fastener causing PC components to overheat. And this will certainly affect the performance of PC components and the life of the PC.

How-to prevent it is among them:

1. Clean the external and surrounding areas of the desktop PC use a special tool such as a vacuum cleaner to clean dust and dust covered in a narrow or with a dry wipe to remove dust or use a wet wipe to clean it.

              Computer cleaning with dry air

2. Clean the Desktop Monitor. The monitor should also be cleaned so that the display is not interrupted in the way. It needs to be use by a special tool such as Screen Cleaning Kit or use a dry cloth and swipe the screen.

3. Clean the keyboard and mouse Keyboard is an essential component of the use of a PC. Cleaning the keyboard from objects that can interfere with the smoothness and use of the keyboard, such as paper clips, dust, small grains of food or other objects.


4.Open the casing and clean the components inside it. Open your PC case and then clean the internal PC with a vacuum cleaner or wet wipes for certain parts. Some components that need attention include power supply, fan, CPU heatsink and all air vents. Be careful when cleaning the motherboard, as there are many vital components that are small and sensitive from shocks and pressures. And pay attention to the static current especially the risk of using a wet wipe, make sure the cleaning components are completely dry. And it’s easier to get to a computer shop to do.



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