PCs / laptops must always be maintained so that they can work at optimum levels. So each OS provides a simple and reliable system maintenance that needs to be done quite often.

1.Disk Defragmenter 

What Disk Defragment use for?

It is able to rearrange the files that are on the disk and according to how often you use software such as microsoft office, video or chrome
It also facilitates the running system and can reduce  PC / Laptop slow

How to do Disk Defragmenter?

1.Click on Start> ‘All Programs‘.

2.Continue to ‘Accessories‘> ‘System Tools‘> ‘Disk Defragmenter‘.

3.Or just Click on Start> ‘All Programs’.taip jer Disk Defragmenter (if used windows 7)

3.Select the part you want to’Defrag ‘(C: or D :, it also work
for your external hard disk and thumdrive) and click ‘Deframent’.

(* Hard disk / partition needs 15% free space or at least not too full for
this program runs smoothly)

Disk Defragmenter does not need to do everyday as same often as Disk Cleanup.
Within a month is enough.Once this program is still running dont open
other running software. So it’s best to do it before turning off your PC / Laptop.

The importance of Disk Defragmenter is to users who are fond of or frequently install-uninstall games / software. It can speed up PC performance.

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