Backing up data regularly helps protect it from being erased if something happens to your computer. You can access a data backup from another computer if your original computer’s hard drive can’t be read, thereby saving you the time of reconstructing your files. A data backup can also be used to transfer important files from one computer to another when working with several computers or to archive previous versions of a particular file.

1.Determine which files you want to back up.

2.Decide on the backup medium with software backup data or use software

system windows “Backup Data & Restore”



3.Choose a backup method  burn CD,transfer data external hdd,pendrive  or

upload file to online

4.Plan the backup schedule if needed

5.Perform the backup


It’s a good idea to back up data in several different ways, so that you have an extra backup in case your primary backup medium fails. You may also want to dedicate backup media to backing up certain files, such as a flash drive just for your current writing projects or an external hard drive just for your photographs or music files.

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