Computer recycling, electronic recycling or e-waste recycling is the disassembly and separation of components and raw materials of waste electronics. Although the procedures of re-use, donation and repair are not strictly recycling, they are other common sustainable ways to dispose of IT waste. Computer Recycling gives computers a second life and provides people with access to affordable computers. Volunteers refurbish donated computers into working systems; they can also help repair your computer for a small donation.


  • Reusable components are identified and built into working systems.
  • Computers are repaired, refurbished and made available at low cost. This allows us to provide computers to those who would otherwise not be able to afford a computer and are sold for a relatively small fee.
  • These systems are generally made for first time or beginner level computer users and are suitable for Internet use, e-mail and word processing.


  • As a service to low-income individuals, we offer a computer repair service. This is not designed to replace the services of many small businesses in our community, but to assist individuals who may not be able to afford computer repair costs.
  • Volunteers can help to repair your computer for a small donation.
  • The project allows the public to bring in their computer for low cost repairs, giving volunteers valuable troubleshooting experience.
  • Software updates can be easily completed using our access to high speed (broadband) Internet.
  • Advice is available for computer upgrades or purchases.
  • Recycled parts available: floppy drives, video cards, sound cards, modems, network cards, and more at a very low cost