All types of antivirus must be updated from time to time because each day, a kind of virus produced. To protect your computer from it, antivirus must first recognize the virus. That’s why antivirus need to update regularly, so that it recognizes the latest viruses and easier to detect.

Not necessarily antivirus updated daily. For some people, to update antivirus every day is abusive, especially if your computer does not have an Internet connection. My suggestion, update your antivirus at least once a moth.However, Antivirus you can still be used even if it is out-of-date. Only it will not be able to detect if there are new viruses.

It easy to update antivirus if your computer has an Internet connection, the update process will be done automatically. If not, you can download updates for antivirus in cyber cafe as file, then place on your computer install manually refer to brand.



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