Paradox Canada 5 Zone Alarm Package (Spectra SP5500)

Package includes:

Main Panel with Housing, 10 Zone LED Keypad, 7Ah SLA Backup Battery, 16.5VAC Transformer
Vibration Sensor (10 units), Magnetic Sensor (5 units), Siren Box, Siren Horn, Strobe Light, Tamper Switch

* Price excludes Installation, Hacking/Patching Works.
Discuss with your local installer on the cable and installation cost or call us for our advice or even better if you could DIY to save cost in cabling works!

Identify how many “points” required for your premise (example : Single-Leaf Door = 1 Point / 1 Single Panel Window = 1 Point / Double Panel Window = 2 Points / 1 piece Grille = 1 Point)

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